Urchin Smart Phone Stand

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M12 Through desk fitting. G-Clamp fitting. 120mm Grommet fitting. 100mm Grommet fitting. Vice Clamp fitting. Wall fitting. 100x100 VESA. 100x200 VESA. 200x200 VESA. 400x400 VESA.

Urchin Smart Phone Stand - Our high precision Phone stand is unbeatable when it comes to quality. Beautifully finished, this stylish stand is machined from a solid billet of aluminium on the latest computer controlled machinery. Finished with a tough durable soft touch rubber coated coating to complement your Phone, The Urchin can be used anywhere there is a flat surface.

  • Supports Smart Phones portrait or landscape
  • Compatible with Phones up to 13mm thick
  • Soft Touch rubber coated
  • Non slip rubber base
  • Ideal for the Office, Bedroom, Kitchen or any flat surface