Mantis Secure Lift for iPad / iPad Air / iPad 9.7/ iPad PRO

£225.00 (£270.00 inc. Vat)

Vice Clamp. Cable Grommet. Through Desk.

Mantis Secure Lift for iPad v2,v3,v4 / iPad Air & Air 2 / iPad 9.7 / iPad PRO 9.7 - Our unique high precision Tablet arm is unbeatable when it comes to maneuverability and functionality. Beautifully finished, this stylish arm glides into any horizontal or vertical position with just the lightest touch. Once your viewing angle has been achieved the Tablet can either be used for work, played with or why not watch that movie hands free.  A simple press of the button lock, secures the quick release mechanism locking your iPad securely into the holder.

  • 360 degree rotation portrait to landscape
  • 360 degree swivel around base
  • 90 degree tilt
  • Unique Quick Release cam mechanism
  • Anodised aluminium
  • 320mm of variable height adjustment
  • Home button cover (removable if not required)
  • Push button secure lock
  • Ideal for Showroom and Reception Areas
  • Can be used with Apple iPad Smart Cover
  • Compatible with iPad versions v2,v3,v4 / iPad Air & Air 2 / iPad 9.7 / iPad PRO 9.7 - PLEASE SELECT CORRECT VERSION FROM THE DROPDOWN