Mantis Desk Stand for Windows Surface RT / RT2

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M12 Through desk fitting. G-Clamp fitting. 120mm Grommet fitting. 100mm Grommet fitting. Vice Clamp fitting. Wall fitting. 100x100 VESA. 100x200 VESA. 200x200 VESA. 400x400 VESA.
  • Mantis Desk Stand for Windows Surface RT - Our unique high precision Tablet stand is unbeatable when it comes to maneuverability and functionality. Beautifully finished, this stylish stand glides into any horizontal or vertical position with just the lightest touch. Made from solid aluminium on the latest computer controlled machinery with a tough durable anodised finish to complement your Tablet, the Mantis stand can be used anywhere there is a flat surface.

    • 360 degree rotation portrait to landscape
    • 360 degree swivel around base
    • 90 degree tilt adjustment
    • Tension adjustable head to customise according to use.
    • Unique Quick Release cam mechanism
    • Anodised aluminium
    • Compatible with Windows Surface RT & RT2