About Us

Established in 1998, Flatscreen Arms initially supplied monitor arms to the banking industry, one of the first commercial users of flatscreen technology.

Just as flatscreen monitors evolved, so did our company and we were soon fulfilling the needs of a range of business and commerce clients, from airports and dealing rooms to offices and shops and even the NASA control room!

Nowadays we are able to offer the same cutting-edge technology to home users and smaller businesses with products to suit every budget and requirement.


Passionate about Innovation

As a company which is passionate about innovation, we are constantly designing new products to meet the demands of the latest technology and also offer a bespoke design service.

All products are manufactured at our factory in Newhaven, UK, where we operate a strict green policy as part of our commitment to the environment.

Flatscreen Arms is still run by founders Bob Lindfield and son Dan Lindfield, and we are proud of our record in producing trouble-free, stylish monitor arms.

Find out more at www.flatscreenarms.co.uk